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We will work as your Dedicated Buyer’s Real Estate Agent. Phoenix real estate agents that have a listed property represent the Sellers of that particular property; they have the Seller’s interest in mind. When you see a property for sale and you call the listing agent of that property, you are actually calling the Phoenix real estate agent that solely represents the Seller in the listing. Their fiduciary responsibility is to the Seller and not you. So, if you are looking for more information about that house from the listing agent, they are not obligated to tell you everything they know. In fact, the listing agent is bound to keep quite a bit of information from you since they represent the Seller. Their job is to sell that house for as much money as possible, because that’s what the Seller hired to listing agent to do.


As your Dedicated Buyer’s Real Estate Agent, we specialize in representing the Buyer’s of the Phoenix real estate market. Most, if not all, of our business in any given year is spent dedicated to buyers in the Phoenix area and have spent thousands of hours in the field representing them.


When getting information on homes in Phoenix or the surrounding area, make sure you trust the source. When you hire a Dedicated Buyer’s Real Estate Agent, you can be assured that you are getting the most current and up-to-date information on the properties in the Phoenix market.


As a Dedicated Buyer’s Real Estate Agent, we don’t try to “sell” you a home; we try to find the right home for you and our past clients agree. We show them all the available homes in the Phoenix and surrounding areas that interest them. We give them all of the tools they need to make an informed decision.


Essentially, there are three different types of agents in the Phoenix market and it is up to you to know which one you are dealing with. Below are descriptions of the each one:


A Seller's Agent

-They represent the seller in the transaction. You will see their sign posted in front of the property or their information on a piece of marketing material.


An Agent representing both the Seller and the Buyer in a transaction

- This will occur if you decided to work with the listing Agent of the property.


A Dedicated Buyer's Real Estate Agent

- This is the your best option and is what we are here to provide you.


So, the next time you are online searching the Phoenix market for properties, you will understand how the agents’ roles play out in the transaction.


Area Information


Knowing about the local real estate market and local community information is critical. We have experience helping buyers in all of the following areas: Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Laveen, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, Mesa, and San Tan Valley.


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