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Working with the right people in any real estate transaction is critical to your success. Over the years, we have worked with many people in all fields ranging from lenders to pest control companies and everything in-between. Here in Phoenix there are many different choices for contractors, lenders and home warranty companies. We have taken the time to put together a list of our top recommended companies in various categories that you may need when it comes to your real estate transaction.

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Picking the right Lender

Whenever you are looking to work in a leveraged position when buying real estate in Phoenix, you will be looking to work with a lender. There are many different types of lenders in the Phoenix area that work with several different loan products. Each lender has a market that they specialize in and no one lender can help you with all of Phoenix real estate loan needs. Below we have put together a list of highly recommended lenders in the Phoenix market that have many loan options that will work best with your next Phoenix real estate purchase.

Our Lenders

Mike Noschese

Insight Mortgage Lending, LLC


Steven C. Zieser

Pinnacle Capital Mortgage


Elliot Cohen

Wallick & Volk Mortgage


Greg Gale

Nova Home Loans


David Nielson

Western State Bank




Working with a responsible title company

Once you have entered into a contract to purchase a property in the Phoenix area you will then need an intermediary company to handle the transaction between all parties. This is where a good title company will come into play. Generally, your real estate agent will have this picked out for you or the other party in the transaction will request to use their title company. Either way, a good title company can make or break a deal when it comes to deadline for loan documents and getting the necessary signatures and fund from all parties involved in the transaction. Because this is a very complex process for them to balance, it is crucial to work with a reputable company. Below are title companies that we have worked with and trust in their ability to successfully close deals on time.

Our Title Companies

Katie Smith

Lawyers Title of Arizona


Susan L. Brown

Old Republic Title


Simon Wanjau

Security Title Agency


Home Warranty


Comparing different warranty companies

After a completed purchase of a home here in the Phoenix area, you will have new responsibilities as a homeowner. Other than keeping up with your payments, taxes and insurance on a property, you will also need to take care of the usual maintenance of the home. Whether it’s a minor fix such as a leaking faucet or a more serious problem such as an AC unit going out, you will now have out of pocket costs to repair these items. Thus was born the home warranty. You will, more than likely, save a lot of money and time on home repairs if you purchase a home warranty before or during home ownership. As with any warranty no two are alike and there are many choices out there offering many different options and coverage. When comparing home warranties, it is critical to make sure you are comparing apples to apples to pick the right policy. We have narrowed down the market to a couple companies that we feel are the best bang for your buck. You can check them out below.

Our Warranty Companies

Old Republic

Sales 1-800-445-6999

Service 1-800-972-5985

Renew 1-800-445-6999

Home inspection


No one likes skeletons in the closet

Every property in the Phoenix market has had a past and always has some skeleton in the closet. Having a property evaluated by a home inspector will save you the troubles dealing with pre-existing issues months or years down the road after ownership. These inspectors work every day doing home inspections and are extremely thorough with each property, even if the seller may be trying to hide any problems, these inspectors will find them. Having your friend or father- in-law contractor checking it out may not be worth the savings. We have used many great inspectors over the years and we recommend the ones we have listed below.

Our home inspectors

Erik Diener

A ‘N’ B Home Inspection




We have all had our fair share of working with contractors.

There are a lot of contractors in the Phoenix market. It seems like finding a good one is like finding a needle in a haystack. You have to work with 10 of them to find a single good one these days. That can be a lot of money and time wasted. We have definitely had our fair share of no shows and shoddy contractors over the years. Contractors play a very important role in purchasing real estate as well as the ongoing maintenance and repairs that come along with owning any type of property. While doing an inspection and finding issues with the home that need to be repaired, time is of the essence to get these repairs done and you will need to rely on a punctual contractor to get the project completed in the time frame allowed in order to close on the property. There is no time to check around or trial and error with contractors. Below we have a list of punctual, dependable and quality contractors that we recommend.

Our contractors

Steve Weirz

Adobe Air Conditioning & Heating


Mike Huffer

M J Wildlife & Pest Control



Discount Granite


Gabriel Caldera

AZ Tree Trimmer


Sergio Jaimes

AZ Landscaper LLC

Landscaping Maintenance


Credit Services


Credit is everything when applying for a loan

It is pretty common sense to know that credit is what gets you approved for a loan and at what terms. What’s not so common sense is how this credit scoring system is calculated and what you can do to better your credit situation. A low credit score can cost you thousands and dictate whether you can be extended credit. Understanding your credit score and always working on ways to raise it can, not only, give you the opportunity to buy the house of your dreams but can also save you tens of thousands of dollars in interest over your lifetime in all areas of credit lending. Reading online you will find lots of information on how to repair or raise your credit score but not that many trustworthy coaches to help you along the way. We work with the highest rated coaches and advisors in the phoenix area for credit repair. Below you will find contact info on them as well as some other links to great addition tools to build/repair your credit.

Our credit services

Charles Parker

AZ Credit Medix, LLC


Credit Karma

Check Credit Score

Credit Score Simulator

Credit Monitoring

Credit Card Offers

Bad Credit or No Credit

Secured Credit Cards

Credit Repair

Andy MacLennan

My Credit Guy


Financial Resources


Anytime money is involved in a transaction you need quality financial resources

Taxes, securities and retirement accounts are all part of a successful Phoenix real estate plan. Self-employed businessmen need the right tax professionals to file their returns properly so that lenders will lend to them. Real estate has many tax advantages and it’s important to understand them to make sure you are not overpaying on your tax return. Many investors may not know how to properly setup a self-directed IRA or how to roll over an existing one in to a self-directed IRA to purchase real estate. We work with the below financial advisors and resources to help with, not only, our clients but our own investments.

Our Financial Advisors

Kevin Mark

The Entrust Group

Self Directed IRA


Ben Koeller

Benjamin T Koeller CPA, PLLC

Tax Services